Tarot Cards Reveal the Subconscious

Normally I don’t start any introduction to a subject focusing on the negative, but the Tarot has gotten a bad reputation. Many in the mainstream religious sects have tarnished and banned the Tarot for its use in witchcraft and other groups they see as a threat. And although the Tarot is an easy target to demonize, it doesn’t hold any more power than any other icons in religion. In fact, the Tarot is simply a tool of symbolism that attunes the the subconscious. Like other paintings or portraits, the images on a card tell a story of life on earth. For example, the ever feared Death card (major arcana #13) in the traditional deck shows an old king trampled by a skeleton on horseback, with a new golden king there to take over. This means that the old ways have past, and the new ways are being revealed in one’s life. The Devil card (major arcana #15) means too much attention to the material, as well as our addictions. On the positive side, The Star (major arcana #17) symbolizes inspiration, hope, and spiritual gifts. Just like life, the Tarot is made up of the duality of good and bad, and those who seek the whole truth do not shy away from messages that might be negative. The good comes with the bad. The glorious Light will always cast a shadow when shining on any material object. This is life on earth. So, as far as the Tarot goes, it is simply a tool. If one chooses to do evil with it, the cards will not do anything. It is the energy and focus of the person who uses them that matters.

How the Tarot Works

Now, let’s get to the beautiful and important images that the Tarot portray. The standard Tarot deck has 78 cards. 22 of them are of the Major Arcana, and the other 56 are of the minor arcana. The minor arcana is essentially the same as a deck of playing cards with an extra court card per suit.

The Major Arcana reveal the BIG life lessons that are happening to us. The Minor Arcana show what we are doing in our regular day-to-day that we need to be aware of. A reading consists from one to ten or more cards chosen and interpreted to answer a question of the person asking, the querent or seeker. These questions might be as simple as ‘yes or no’ or can run the gamut of a very specific topic about career, love, or any other important life topic a querent has.

The role of the mystic reader, or psychic, is to facilitate the reading. They are there to help the querent look deep within and gauge where the path he or she is on? The goal is to uncover the subconscious energy of the seeker, as well as see what other energies might be influencing the situation. This is the mystery of the Tarot. Some psychics say they can tell the future, but the cards are simply the tool of the readers. Some mystics say they can see an image of something to come, while others get impressions from the seeker’s Higher Self.

Some History of the Tarot

For over thirty years I have consulted the oracle of the Tarot, using the classic Rider-Waite deck that was illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith (who often goes unrecognized for her work). Arthur Edward Waite spent many countless days and nights studying the occult and symbolism. The William Rider & Sons company published the first version of this deck in December 1909. In the 1970s, U. S. Game Systems began a republication that are the ones that can be purchased today. It’s of special note that both Pamela and Arthur were members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in England.

Though the famous Rider-Waite deck was conceived in the early 1900s, the symbolism and meaning of the images of the deck have roots that go back thousands of years. Tarot has strong ties to astrology, numerology, color symbolism, and other mystic sources. The cards facilitate the opening into the unseen world where the subconscious exists. With a properly attuned psychic reader, the querent can gain very detailed insights to questions about love, career, health, etc. and also see what spiritual lessons are needed to be learned.

There are many resources to learn the mystery of the Tarot and its meanings. For those who enjoy video learning, I highly recommend the class: Tarot Card Success – The Complete Tarot Reading Course by the energetic and beautiful Jal Sade. Access the course by this direct link at Udemy.com

Readings by me Keitan, are also available. If you’re interested, please send me an email to discuss – ombuddha@gmail.com

Divination tools I use include:

Traditional Rider-Waite Tarot Deck; Universal Celtic Tarot Deck
Personally hand-crafted Runes
Numerology and Astrology
Oracle Cards: Moonology Cards; Druid Animal Oracle


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Readings by Keitan

Readings are typically done online via FaceTime or Zoom, unless you wish to visit me in south Florida. I am also adept at doing distance readings and sending you a full write-up of the message I channel.

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