Sanctuary of the Mystics

Moonphase Underground (Mµ)

Breathe ... Take it all in

Breathe … take it all in

“There is nothing more pressing in our time than to restore the habitat and the moral fabric of our species, doing so in a way that honors progress and innovation of the mind.”

– K A Gonzalez
Let your Light shine

Welcome to Moonphase Underground (Mµ). This website is designed to introduce you to tools for the mystic student. You may ask, “What is a mystic?” The answer is quite simple. Mystics are concerned with the mysteries of life. We wonder about all things symbolic, whether they be numbers or ancient alphabets. We know that we are endless souls that live in a temporal body, and we aim to live our best experience while we are here and spread Light, Life and Love to all we encounter.

Some of the tools are presented here at Moonphase Underground. As you learn and grow in how to use these tools and oracles, know that you give them the energy to reveal the hints. You must always center yourself in goodness so that your karma may stay clear and you can grow into your fullest potential.

Please explore the menu above to begin your journey, and also click on the social media icons to get a deeper view into the mind of this particular mystic, Keitan. There is nothing commercial here other than some links to interesting products and services. The goal is to simply share information. Namaste!