Seeing a rainbow in the sky brings forth so much joy, for it is the union of sun light and water droplets, casting an arching spectrum of colors that can make any landscape more beautiful.

There is also a spiritual rainbow that is cast when the energy of the sun moves through our physical being, and each color has a special meaning that can bring increased health and spiritual awareness to those ready to reveal the secrets of the chakras.

These spinning discs of energy, when uncluttered and fully energized, will unleash the most amazing feelings of well-being. I began my chakra journey back in 1998 with the simple recognition of the places where they were said to be. It has been the spiritual practice that has brought forth the most personal reward.


Sanskrit Chakra Primer

The chakra energy centers exists slightly behind the spine. One of the best ways to help focus our attention on these centers is to speak and memorize the ancient Sanskrit language from ancient India. Here are the charkas, their colors, their locations, and a simple meaning:

  • Sahasrara ~ White or bright Violet ~ top back of head ~ Connection to Source
  • Ajna ~ Indigo or Purple ~ forehead between the eyes ~ Intuition / Impressions
  • Vishuddha ~ Blue ~ throat or neck ~ Verbal Expression of the Mind
  • Anahata ~ Green ~ heart center ~ Human Love / Meeting Point
  • Manipura ~ Yellow ~ solar plexus area ~ Will Power / Earth Fire
  • Svadhishthana ~ Orange ~ sacral area ~ Sexuality / Creativity
  • Muladhara ~ Red ~ base of spine ~ Grounding / Survival

When considering the Chakras, meditate on how we evolve here in each lifetime. We get through our survival as babies, then step into our gender. We then learn how to affect change in our life with will-power to then know how to express our human love. From there we learn how best to verbally speak our mind while we build up our intuition. All along we are tapped into the source of spirit that animates us.

Things can go wrong along this path, and they create blockages in specific chakras that can cause physical and psychological disorders. Learning to identify where these blockages are in the chakras, and the subsequent clearing of them through yoga, breathing, and meditation, can help remove all the ails of life. I encourage you to seek out this path, and contact me if you need some guidance in getting started.

Our bodies in this human existence is the middle point between heaven and earth. It is in the seven major chakras that we experience the mundane of our earthly needs and the inspirations that flow into us from the divine Cosmic.

– Keitan

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Chakra Reflections by K A Gonzalez