The Nordic Runes


The Nordic / Germanic Oracle

The RUNES listed here are an ancient alphabet, typically associated with tribes of northern Europe. Runes can also be found in the cultures and writings of ancient Greece and Egypt. They conveyed a secret language and had special meaning to those who used them and are still considered by mystics to be a divinatory oracle. The names in the guide below are of the Germanic people who used them.

24 Common Runes – Study Guide (PDF link)

Runes to guide you
Click Image for Rune Guide

I compiled this quick reference guide to start your rune studies. The meanings are divinated from each rune. You can buy your own set of runes, but the most powerful ones are personally crafted. Please click the image to get the PDF guide to help you on your mystic journey with the this oracle of the north.

An Ode to Odin

Symbols does the mind wish to seek,
As Odin hung from the Yggdrasil tree.

Nine days came, nine nights passed…

Until the worries of the world fell from him.
It was then with his third eye did he seize,
The Runes revealing the greatest of mysteries.
He bequeathed these letters to humankind,
So that too, one day, we would surely find,
The guidance of the letters that lay out the path,
Showing us how to transcend life’s karmic aftermath.


Rune stones