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Welcome to the Old Art ~ New Age resource where you will find revelations and expressions of the mystic heart.

Welcome to Moonphase Underground

Moonphase Underground (Mµ) began in 1996 as a New Age resource where mystics who roamed the early Internet gathered to share poems, prose, and other thoughts to elevate the energy of humankind through the newly born World Wide Web.

The founder of the Moonphase Underground is a person known online as Keitan. That’s me. I was one of the first web designers of the Internet, and through my studies and travels (and parenthood), I have returned from a long career in computers to bring back the love of Mµ. This time I’m adding social media as a platform to help people learn about the esoteric arts to then express the subtle love energy back into their inner circles.

Here you will find interesting resources, products, and even have the opportunity to connect with me for a personal reading using the Tarot, Chakras, Astrology, and / or the Runes. I have designed unique readings to help you find the insight you need to gain new energy and initiative to build a better future for your life.

The Mu Mission

The Mµ Mission The essence of the Moonphase Underground (Mµ) movement is about inspiration. Your life in this world is a treasure hunt. There are so many tools, oracles and artifacts to be found on this wonderful planet we call home that will help bring you back in touch with your Higher Self. The realm of the psychic senses can be developed by each person to find the bridge that connects the physical and spiritual worlds. As a seeker, this is the path of the mystic.

The Old Art / New Age information covered by Keitan includes: Astrology Chakras – the colorful wheels of your physical and spiritual life Ancient Alphabets, like the Runes Tarot and their meanings Numerology (coming soon!) The most recent postings can be found on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook @MoonphaseU