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About Mµ

Moonphase Underground (Mµ) began in 1996 as a New Age resource where mystics who roamed the early Internet gathered to share poems, prose, and other thoughts to elevate the energy of humankind through the newly born World Wide Web.

The founder of the Moonphase Underground is a person known online as Keitan. That's me. I was one of the first web designers of the Internet, and through my studies and travels (and parenthood), I have returned from a long career in computers to bring  back the love of Mµ. This time I'm adding social media as a platform to help people learn about the esoteric arts to then express the subtle love energy back into their inner circles.


Here you will find interesting resources, products, and even have the opportunity to connect with me for a personal reading using the Tarot, Chakras, Astrology, and / or the Runes. I have designed unique readings to help you find the insight you need to gain new energy and initiative to build a better future for your life.

The Mµ Mission

The essence of the Moonphase Underground (Mµ) movement is about inspiration. Your life in this world is a treasure hunt. There are so many tools, oracles and artifacts to be found on this wonderful planet we call home that will help bring you back in touch with your Higher Self. The realm of the psychic senses can be developed by each person to find the bridge that connects the physical and spiritual worlds. As a seeker, this is the path of the mystic.


The Old Art / New Age information covered by Keitan includes:

  • Astrology
  • Chakras - the colorful wheels of your physical and spiritual life
  • Ancient Alphabets, like the Runes
  • Tarot and their meanings
  • Numerology (coming soon!)

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The position of the sun when we are born tells only one part of a whole picture. To say that one is simply a Pisces is like saying that pasta sauce is only made of tomatoes. (Can you tell that I love Italian food?) But really, each heavenly body has a energetic and gravitational pull on us mere humans. When we are born, the sun, moon, planets, and other celestial objects are all arranged in a certain position relative to the earth. These positions give us our personality, and tells how we deal with conflict, communication, who we are drawn to as a lover, and so so so much more!

Still not convinced, huh? Well, have you every heard of Carl Jung. If you took even one Psychology class, he was in it, and he's a huge figure in today's psychology and psychiatry methods.

Carl Jung knew astrology was a 'thing' that related to the archetypal personalities that pervade us all. To quote, he said this about astrology:


"We are born at a given moment, in a given place, and like vintage years of wine, we have the qualities of the year and of the season of which we are born. Astrology does not lay claim to anything more." - Carl Jung


Still not convinced? Well, I bet your birth chart shows how skeptically  stubborn you can be!


The basic guideline of a birth chart is that each planet is in one of the 12 zodiac signs when we are born. Each celestial body ‘rules’ certain energies. So for example, the Moon covers how we approach home life, and how we deal with moods. Mercury speaks to our ambitions and how we like to communicate. Venus in Capricorn, for example, means that your love life and romance has to make sense before you will allow your most sexy self to show. It goes on and on, so I recommend you get your Google on and head on over to this link. Alabe has been on the Internet giving free birth charts since 2001. 


Here's the link: You're welcome ;-)  Alabe Birth Chart


If you get overwhelmed with information, don't worry. I'm happy to set up a session to intuitively help you out. Just reach out to me via social media or


Seeing a rainbow in the sky brings forth so much joy, for it is the union of sun light and water droplets, casting an arching spectrum of colors that can make any landscape more beautiful.


There is also a spiritual rainbow that is cast when the energy of the sun moves through our physical being, and each color has a special meaning that can bring increased health and spiritual awareness to those ready to reveal the secrets of the chakras.


These spinning discs of energy, when uncluttered and fully energized, will unleash the most amazing feelings of well-being. I began my chakra journey back in 1998 with the simple recognition of the places where they were said to be. It has been the spiritual practice that has brought forth the most personal reward.



Sanskrit Chakra Primer

The chakra energy centers exists slightly behind the spine. One of the best ways to help focus our attention on these centers is to speak and memorize the ancient Sanskrit language from ancient India. Here are the charkas, their colors, their locations, and a simple meaning:

  • Sahasrara ~ White or bright Violet ~ top back of head ~ Connection to Source
  • Ajna ~ Indigo or Purple ~ forehead between the eyes ~ Intuition / Impressions
  • Vishuddha ~ Blue ~ throat or neck ~ Verbal Expression of the Mind
  • Anahata ~ Green ~ heart center ~ Human Love / Meeting Point
  • Manipura ~ Yellow ~ solar plexus area ~ Will Power / Earth Fire
  • Svadhishthana ~ Orange ~ sacral area ~ Sexuality / Creativity
  • Muladhara ~ Red ~ base of spine ~ Grounding / Survival

When considering the Chakras, meditate on how we evolve here in each lifetime. We get through our survival as babies, then step into our gender. We then learn how to affect change in our life with will-power to then know how to express our human love. From there we learn how best to verbally speak our mind while we build up our intuition. All along we are tapped into the source of spirit that animates us.

Things can go wrong along this path, and they create blockages in specific chakras that can cause physical and psychological disorders. Learning to identify where these blockages are in the chakras, and the subsequent clearing of them through yoga, breathing, and meditation, can help remove all the ails of life. I encourage you to seek out this path, and contact me if you need some guidance in getting started.

My book is now available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble. Chakra Reflections by K. A. Gonzalez. It's filled with inspirations and beautiful pictures that display the seven major phases of life that correspond with the chakras, from the physical to the spiritual. 

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Chakra Reflections PDF


The Nordic / Germanic Oracle

The RUNES listed here are an ancient alphabet, typically associated with tribes of northern Europe. Runes can also be found in the cultures and writings of ancient Greece and Egypt. They conveyed a secret language and had special meaning to those who used them and are still considered by mystics to be a divinatory oracle. The names in the guide below are of the Germanic people who used them.

24 Common Runes - Study Guide

Keitan compiled this quick reference guide to start your rune studies. The meanings are divinated from each rune. You can buy your own set of runes, but the most powerful ones are personally crafted. Please click the book image or this link to get the PDF guide to help you on your mystic journey with the this oracle of the north.

An Ode to Odin

Symbols does the mind seek

As Odin hung from the Yggdrasil tree

Nine days came, nine nights passed

Until the worries of the world fell from him.
It was then with his one third eye did he see

The Runes revealing the great mysteries.
He bequeathed these letters to humankind
So that too, one day, we would also find
The guidance of the letters to lay out the path

Allowing us to boldly transcend life’s aftermath.




Tarot Cards Reveal the Subconscious

Are you ready to look deep within yourself to guage where your path will take you? This is the mystery of the Tarot. Some say they can tell the future, but the cards are simply the tool of the mystic. Some psychics can see an image of something to come, while others get impressions from the seeker's Higher Self.


For over thirty years I have consulted the oracle of the Tarot, using the classic Rider-Waite deck that was illustrated by Pamela Colman Smith (who often goes unrecognized for her work). Arthur Edward Waite spent many countless days and nights studying the occult and symbolism. The William Rider & Sons company published the first version of this deck in December 1909. In the 1970s, U. S. Game Systems began a republication that are the ones that can be purchased today. It's of special note that both Pamela and Arthur were members of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn in England.


Though the famous Rider-Waite deck was conceived in the early 1900s, the symbolism and meaning of the images of the deck have roots that go back thousands of years. Tarot has strong ties to astrology, numerology, color symbolism, and other mystic sources. The cards facilitate the opening into the otherworld where the subconscious exists. With a properly attuned psychic reader, the querent (seeker) can gain very detailed insights to questions about love, career, health, etc. and also see what spiritual lessons are needed to be learned.


There are many resources to learn the mystery of the Tarot and its meanings. For those who enjoy video learning, I highly recommend the class: Tarot Card Success - The Complete Tarot Reading Course by the energetic and beautiful Jal Sade. Access the course by this direct link at

Other online psychics are available at Lotus Tarot, which I've known since the late 1990s. Click the image below to visit that site.


Rune Jewelry - Sons of Vikings

Hundreds of various items including replicas of original Viking artifacts, as well as a modern day inspirations based on historic symbolism. Website 

Free Tarot Readings

Free tarot card readings since 2002. Live readings also available. Website

Book by MoonphaseU Author

Life seen through beautiful photography combined with meaningful passages. All done to the beat of the seven major chakras. By me, K A Gonzalez

Psychology Lectures

The archetypes of the oracles listed on this website are well-connected to the study of psychology. My education roots are in the study of psychology, sociology and anthropology. Find some great free psych lectures at Spotify by searching The Weekend University, or use this Website link.

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